“The Uí Chellaig return to Áth Liag Maonagáin”

Failte Ui Ceallaigh

“The Uí Chellaig return to Áth Liag Maonagáin”

 O’Kelly Country and it’s History

You are welcome to an informal afternoon of talks on the O’Kelly clan of Ui Mhaine. Talks will cover  a wide range of topics on the origins and history of the clan.

  • how a clan was organised and structured and the role of its chiefs.


* The O’Donovan Genealogical chart and DNA findings

* clans that branched and historic findings

* Some notable clan members

* Wm BUid  Ceallaigh

* Col Charles O”Kelly

  • Exciting display of weapons and uniforms of different timesOur team will be Daniel Curley Phd. Daniel has written extensible on the O’Kelly clan and individuals. His book “‘The Uí Chellaig lords of Uí Maine and Tír Maine’ Is to be published shortly.

Tomas Ó Brogan BA hons of Orais Living History and reenactment.

Joe Kelly Uachtaran  


To create an awareness of the noble clan of Ó Ceallaigh who ruled this territory for about 1200 years, To continue research into clan history To record their achievements in a meaningful way less they be forgotten.. We have a lot o exciting plans which we want to turn into exciting projects. To encourage new membership to help us in this challenging task.

Venue Athleague Community Centre

Location Athleague Village Co Roscommon

Date Sat 12th August 2023

Time Register 1.30pm 

2pm — 6pm 

Turis Fortis Mihi Deus

God is a Tower of Strength to Me


Joe 353 86 813855

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