The Historical Genealogical Table – O’Kelly of UÍ Maine –


The O’Kelly territory of Uí Maine and Tír Maine covered large parts of

what is now south Roscommon and east Galway. The territory under

O’Kelly control changed over the course of the later medieval period,

but at their height in the fifteenth century, these lords of Uí Maine

extended their authority over about 421,000 acres of eastern

Connacht, from the River Hind north of Athleague and Knockcroghery

in Co. Roscommon, to Abbeyknockmoy near Athenry in Co. Galway.

Many of the strongholds, castles and religious foundations attached to

these powerful Connacht lords are still visible throughout the region as

testament of their enduring importance.

The “Indenture of Hy Many” in the Compossicion Booke of Conought,

dated 1585, records Aedh Ó Ceallaigh, Chief of Uí Maine, and he

succumbed to the intense pressure from the Tudor administration

comply with the English policy of ‘surrender and regrant’. This resulted

in Aedh receiving his lands as a life interest only, and thus made him

the last in the unbroken line of O’Kelly lords. A distant relative,

Feardorcha O’Kelly, was later given the title ‘lord of Uí Maine’ by Red

Hugh O’Donnell in 1595, as support rallied to the Gaelic cause during

the Nine Years War (1593-1603). With Feardorcha’s death post 1611,

we see the disappearance of this famous title from the historical