Getting to know you.

I’m writing by way of introducing my self. 

It’s unlikely we will have a gathering till maybe this time next year so I am encouraging members and potential members to say a few words about themselves. It’s a sort of get to know you thing.

I first joined the Clan when I attended the Ballinasloe gathering in 2011 and later attended the Dundrum gathering in 2013. Incidentally this event will be now called the Wm Bui O’Kelly Gathering. It was at these gatherings I meet many interesting and lovely people. Of the people I met I bring mind Dr Joe Kelly sadly now passed, Joe Arty Kelly, an old army buddy of mine and the inimitable Joe AK 47 Kelly. As you can see Joseph is a popular clan name, It was at one of these meetings I was made aware of the DNA project which the clan was embarking on. I signed up immediately because my own family research had come to a ‘brick wall’. An experience well known to many amateur genealogists. The result was stunning, but not unexpected. It confirmed my fathers unfinished story. We were from the west of Ireland and of the clan of Ó Ceallaigh. It was a major breakthrough and information I was able to share with my surviving brothers. All now departed.

Moving on from that rather somber tone, I have now rejoined the clan with the view of giving it a bit of a push. We are now in what I call the 3 R’s stage – Reorganise – Restructure – Rejuvenate. We are also in the grips of a merciless and sinister virus. This is global – this is a pandemic 

I’m not very religious but like all Irish I’m a bit spiritual. I think its appropriate to quote the Gospel of Matthew “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (22:37-39). In todays times it simply means WEAR A BLOODY MASK. 

Joe Cav Kelly

Stay safe

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